Maternity Gown Selection


Our Maternity Gown Collection is ever growing and we love our dynamic range of stunning gowns and crowns to suit all beautiful mothers and their baby bumps.

Please request your two favourite gowns in order of preference by email.

Tiffany Floral Gown:

Floral Maternity 01 Floral Maternity Gown

Red Sansa Velvet:

Red Velvet Maternity Gown Red Velvet Maternity Gown

Sheer Lace (Burgundy + Navy Blue + Cream):

Burgundy Lace Maternity Gown Red Lace Maternity Gown

Jersey Train Gowns (Dusty Navy, Fuchsia, Merlot):

Maternity Gowns


Merlot Red Wine Maternity Gown Merlot Red Wine Maternity Gown


Purple Maternity Gown Purple Maternity Gown Water

Forest Green:

Forest Green Maternity Gown Forest Green Maternity Gown

Dusty Navy:

Dusty Navy Jersey Train Maternity Gown Dusty Blue navy maternity gown

Blue Boho:

Blue Navy Boho Ruffle Maternity Gown Navy Blue Boho Ruffle Maternity Gown

Blue Sansa Velvet:

Blue Velvet Maternity Gown Blue Velvet Maternity Gown Sansa


Cream/White Boho Ruffle:

White Boho Ruffle Maternity Gown White Boho Ruffle Maternity Gown

Lace Sweetheart:

Lace Sweetheart Gown

Lace Boho:

Lace Boho Maternity Gown

Studio Silk Drape (white, black & red available):

Studio Maternity Silk Drape White

Goddess Gown - (Worn Two Ways) White:

Laara Dean Photography Goddess White Maternity Laara Dean Photography Goddess White

Goddess Gown - (Worn Two Ways) Mauve:

Laara Dean Photography Goddess Mauve Laara Dean Photography Goddess Mauve 2

Athena Gown Plum:

Laara Dean Photography Athena Maternity Plum

Athena Gown Burgundy:

Laara Dean Photography Athena Burgundy

We have additional gowns available if you would like further options.